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Want us to develop your Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS app?

You can easily order the development of Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS application or game based on your own scenario by getting in touch with us. Have an incredible idea but you are not sure how to process it, or what is the best structure for your app? Please feel free to contact us and the TapBits team will be more than happy to discuss with you all the aspects of your future project. Yes, more than happy.

How all the magic happens?

Our tap loving team develops amazing and exciting applications combining high-end visual effects with appealing and unique design, original sound effects and so much more. This will be the perfect mix that will bring your app to live.No matter how complex your app needs to be, it will be developed with dedication meeting your goals. During the development process we send often iPhone app ad-hoc distribution versions for your own review and this provides first hand user experience and helps your decision making. When developing an application we test it thoroughly on every stage, and this process grants the reward of bugs free applications providing high-end user experience.

There are two different types of iPhone applications.

The first type are packaged software applications that are downloaded through the Apple app store – commonly known as Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS apps
The second type of Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS apps are Web-based internet applications that any iPhone or iPod Touch user can navigate to via the integrated into the little wonder device, mobile browser. This type of applications are known as Web apps. No matter what kind of application you need the only part from the project missing is your idea…wait, you have it?!? Then sky is the limit!

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