We are excited to design and develop successful applications for Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS and iPod Touch. Our main goal is to provide cost-effective development, turning great ideas into successful Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS apps.

We can develop applications for you in following domains:

  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming
  • Social networking
  • Weather information
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Documents management
  • Productivity and calculation
  • Search tools

But wait! Why to put this limits?! Just get in touch with us in order to discuss your project.

Our Experience

We can offer you with quality Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS app through our experienced team of iPhone application developers. Our strength lies in design and development of applications that seamlessly integrate with iPhone OS architecture. We bring along extensive knowledge of Mac OS X platform and Xcode development environment.

What we can provide:

- Over 15 years experience in software engineering
- Vast expertise in Cocoa / Cocoa Touch / UIKit / Foundation APIs and Objective-C
- Experience with 3rd party game engines such as Cocos2D
- MacOS X and iPhone OS SDK programming
- Porting applications from Windows or other OS platforms (C++/Java) to iPhone OS, Mac OSX
- We are committed to meet schedules, commitments and performance expectations
- Pro-active approach a team with aimed at providing added value through technical and functional solutions and improvements
- We deliver efficient and maintainable code.

Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS Business Applications Development

In the era of road warriors mobility is everything. A lot of important business tasks must be completed on the go, many times in cooperation with the team, so the business world needs more than ever custom, simple solutions to solve complicated tasks. When we develop business applications we aim to provide the reliability and security to help users monitor business operations effective.

Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS Games Development

Being such a technologically advanced device, the Apple iPad, iPhone with it’s interactive features has become one of the most popular mobile gaming platforms. No matter if you plan to develop brand new Apple iPad, iPhone game or application that will interact with your existing massive multiplayer online game, we can help you achieve your goals, taking advantage of the rich animation and engaging features of the mighty device. Our goal is to provide incredible experience that all gamers in heart will love.

Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS Entertainment Applications Development

From the perfect time killers to the most advanced live music or news streaming apps our team can develop for you applications that take advantage of the Apple iPad, iPhone’s multi-touch interface, accelerometer, GPS, proximity sensor, or other of the numerous, incredible device features.

Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS Marketing

You are currently viewing the next step in marketing and mobile evolution – creating marketing solutions that are in your customer’s pockets. At TapBits we operate at the forefront of mobile evolution by creating applications on the iPhone that catch and maintain customer’s attention. Whether the app style is fun, informative, practical or perfect time waster, we can help you join in on the next step of mobile evolution.


Sure, we have our own innovative ideas, but we are so open to cooperation, that you need to get in touch with us in order to believe. We have developed so many new successful applications in cooperation with great talents like you, so we are more than sure this is risk worth taking. Your idea and our extensive knowledge and iPhone developer skills are the only two secret ingredients for the next famous and successful app.

Whether by porting an existing application or developing on from scratch, TapBits can help you become a part of the Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS phenomenon.

Our unique combination of skills and experience makes us the ideal choice to develop your Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS application.

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