What are Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS Apps?

Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS Apps are applications for the Apple Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS. More specifically, most Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS apps are meant for the newer iPhone 3G/3GS model, and will also work on the most recent versions of the iPod Touch.

Can I make my own Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS app?

Yes, you can! In fact we have prepared a how-to you will find very usefull.

How much do Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS apps cost?

It depends... on what, you can find here.

How many Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS apps are there?

As of March 2009 there were 30,000 apps listed in the iTunes App Store, counting both paid and free apps. As of January 2010, there are over 115,000 third-party applications officially available for the iPhone and iPod Touch on the App Store, with over 3 billion total downloads.

What is the Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS SDK?

The iPhone SDK is a software development kit that will allow third parties to create applications that can run directly on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The kit is significant because Apple can't possibly anticipate, nor produce, all the applications that people might want to use on an iPhone. And some of those applications will convince people who weren't sure about the iPhone to buy it.

How will development for the Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS work?

Anyone can download the SDK and develop an application, but you have to join Apple's iPhone Developer Program, and Apple is only accepting a "limited" number of applications at the moment. The application development process will be very similar to how applications are developed for Mac OS X. Applications will be distributed through Apple's newly announced App Store, which will be built in to the iPhone but is also accessible through iTunes. Apple plans on personally approving every application destined for the iPhone. The applications are wirelessly downloaded to the iPhone over either EDGE or Wi-Fi. Developers name the price of their applications themselves and get 70 percent of the revenue from sales of their apps; Apple gets 30 percent. Free applications will be listed for free on the App Store and iTunes.

Can developers work on a PC?

No, the SDK will only work on Macs.

Can developers distribute their own Apple iPad, iPhone, iOS apps?

No, the only way to develop official applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch is to go through Apple's process.
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